Blue animated fan gif by Carrie Dyer.




Blue geometric design by Carrie Dyer.
Blue intricate geometric design by Carrie Dyer.
Blue intricate geometric design by Carrie Dyer.


is Founder of CLOUDWHALE, a creative design studio that embraces innovative cross-media intersections of Design, Illustration &

Fine art. Dyer is also a

graphic design Professor

& Founder of the

Graphic Design Collective, an art & design critique collective, that addresses design literacy & projects surrounding social responsibility. Dyer is committed to social practices that embody creativity & innovation. Dyer is a

Co-Founder &

Creative Director of

The FL3TCH3R EXHIBIT, an annual international socially & politically engaged exhibition.

As technological systems are zigging & zagging the

design field is rapidly changing. Designers have to evolve to understand these shifts but the underlying structure & essence of design is stronger than ever. Designers play the vital role in the moving landscape. Design Curricula is expanding swiftly to acknowledge these shifting paradigms. As a creative designer, I seek outlets that challenge expression, authorship, & communication to make the

world a better place.

This is a collection of objects composed of blocks, scallops, clouds, rainbows. This is styled in a blue, teal, green, color scheme.
Blue and white animated gif cloud hovering.
Blue and white animated cloud by Carrie Dyer.
Animated Cloud by Carrie Dyer
Cobalt blue navigation arrow.

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